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Autumn Orchard only publishes YA (young adult) or NA (new adult) books, please don’t send in children or adult novels as these will be deleted/destroyed without inspection.

What we want – we would love to see original and fresh ideas. Everyone loves a happy ending, but we love darker stories too. Does your novel have a sad ending? We would love to see them too. Twists and turns are great; love stories are cute; action-orientated? Yes, please. What we are trying to say is that YA and NA books can be so broad. As long as they fit into the parent category it doesn’t matter if it’s fantasy, science fiction, crime, chick-lit, romance, horror, thriller …. and the list goes on. We want something with an edge and a story that stands out. Generic situations of boy meets girl, parents hate the boy, love will prevail bore us to be frank.

Your work must be complete. We will not review works in progress and we want to see your best side – which means the manuscript must have been edited. Not passed onto a family member to look over.

A no no – it shames us to write what we don’t want to see, but unfortunately, we here at Autumn Orchard have guidelines. As already mentioned, we only publish YA or NA books. If you don’t know what these genres are, then I’m afraid you haven’t done enough research. We want our authors to know the genres they are writing for – it shows passion. Under no circumstances do we publish erotica. Sexual scenes are OK if they are important to the plot and are in good taste. This all leads into knowing what your audience is. Darker themes may look at racism or sexism and we understand that, but glorifying these as well as homophobia, necrophilia, intolerance etc are not acceptable.

We support new authors, and getting published in today’s fast-moving world means that submitting to various publishers is a necessity. If you have submitted elsewhere, please say so in your covering letter.

Royalty – Autumn Orchard is a royalty paying publisher. We cannot at this time offer advanced payments. We will also never ask for any payment from yourself. Editing, promotion, book cover art etc is at the publisher’s cost.

As of 2015 Autumn Orchard will solely focus on the digital market. If successful, a contract for the eBook distribution will be offered to you. Unless stated, you would be free to organise a paperback edition with another publisher or yourself.

Why concentrate of the digital market? In today’s fast-moving world, technology allows us to read books anywhere on any device, be it a tablet or smart phone. Paperback sales have decreased so much that it isn’t feasible to produce a physical copy. We have seen that physical books haven’t met the costs required in setting them up.

Are you ready to submit? please follow the submission guidelines. Not doing so reduces your chances of being accepted, and we wouldn’t want that. All submissions will be looked at and you can expect a response within 3 months.

  • Novels must be between 35,000 and 100,000 words in length.
  • Fonts must be standard and used throughout – ideally using size 12.
  • A covering letter must be with your submission, explaining why you wrote this story, as well as a little about yourself. What sub-genre the story fits into will also help us as well.
  • Only send the first three chapters or the first 10,000 words if short chapters. If we like it, we’ll ask for more. Include your name as well as the title in the header or footer of every page you submit.
  • A title page must accompany the piece listing your name, the title, if a series and complete word count for the entire manuscript. Your contact details will be handy too.
  • A full synopsis must be written on one side of paper. This is not the blurb of the book, but more of how the novel pans out all the way to the end.
  • Email submissions must have ‘Submission for Review’ as the Topic/Subject line.

Are you ready to submit to us? Have you really read all the above guidelines?

Email submissions can be sent to:

We no longer accept physical submissions


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